• Oman Al Yahyai

Why Journalism ?

I’ve always been a student who has been interested in Journalism. Journalism has been passed down through generations in my family, starting with my mom, my dad, and now me. My mom works in the Human Rights field of Journalism and my dad works in the politics field of Journalism. I am a very social person, which means that I will be able to bring people of different nationalities together, and knowing a person's background and experiences will help us understand who they are. We can learn from one another, expanding our knowledge, and realizing that there are many different cultures than the ones we already know.

There’s no doubt that I’ve had an up close and personal view on the good and ugly of the press and news world. Growing up in a household of reporters, I’ve grown a love and appreciation of the news. However, I've also grown a feeling of skepticism. Skepticism toward the credibility of the news and the challenges that my parents face in terms of free speech and filtration in the media. Having lived in countries such as Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, I got to see firsthand that freedom of expression doesn’t really exist. People don’t have the right to express freely and I want to change that. I have also lived in the United States and now I’m living in France as a student so I can see the large differences between the countries when it comes to the press and journalism in general. People in the US and France can hold manifestations whenever they want and it can be about anything, whereas in countries like Oman or Qatar, it’s impossible. It would be a great honor to see these countries change positively when it comes to freedom of speech and expression, I mean come on, it’s almost 2020.

Another reason I would like to be a journalist is the adrenaline that comes with it. Traveling all around the world, interviewing different people and investigating to find information excites me. Being a big reporter one day is a dream I would like to fulfill and I know that I can do it with hard work and passion.

Oman Al Yahyai

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